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Modular Bushing Machines

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Modular Bushing Machines

Computer Age Engineering’s modular bushing finishing machines reduce labor costs, reduce floor space, reduce work in progress, and control your production flow like never before. Modularity allows you to employ proven workstations in a cell to accomplish just what you need or a single station that is used manually. Each station can be assembled to work together to process bushings without labor costs.

Modular Bushing Machine options include:

Part Transfer Units

Computer Age Engineering offers two types of inline transfers and a robot transfer for a radial arrangement of our standard process stations, including a Pneumatic Pick and Place Inline Transfer, a Cam Box Operated Transfer, and a Robot Transfer.

Deflashing Stations for Cleaning Bushings

Deflashing parts is typically a dirty, labor-intensive chore. The chunks of rubber, dust, and wire wheel bristles not only make a mess, but the metal and rubber dust wears out equipment bearings, cylinders, and motors.

Component life is short lived and maintenance costs are high. CAE has developed deflashing equipment that has features that combat the degrading effect of rubber and metal dust.

Swaging Stations

All of Computer Age Engineering’s swaging machines are based on our patented tooling and processes. Many years of engineering field trials and refinement allows us to give our customers trouble-free, highly accurate sizing capabilities.
Inspection and measuring stations

Inspection & Measuring Stations

With today’s quality demands, a good inspection system can actually save money. The justification for 100% inspection is easy when considering an out-of-specification part reaching your customer could result in thousands of dollars in additional expenses (i.e. sending representatives on-site and hand inspecting every part).

Marking & Coating

CAE has developed many part marking and coating systems. These systems are designed for each individual application. CAE has experience with all types of marking, including pin stamp engraving, laser marking, bar code labeling, and paint dot or stamping.
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