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Valve Test 1

Automated Valve Testing Machines

High pressure hydro and gas testing machines that auto-test valves while recording, reporting and storing data valves.  Ball valves, gate valves, compact valves, butterfly valves, and globe valves ½ to 40 inches up to 30,000 PSI and over 300 million pounds of force.  CAE manufactures special fixtures, special tooling and equipment that automates, improves quality, safety, and profits.


Robotics Integration

Some material handling and assembly operations can benefit by using robots. Computer Age Engineering has robotic specialists on staff who will evaluate your situation and assess the financial and quality factors for integrating robotics. We understand how to match the right type and brand of robot to each individual application. CAE is a factory authorized integrator for FANUC Robotics. Call us today at 765-674-8551 and we’ll schedule an evaluation at your site. There is no cost involved!

Step Feeders

Now you can have: Bulk loading of individual parts, a range of part shapes, automatic orientation, and a dependable interface to other machinery. These capabilities have never before been available in such a compact, quiet, and reliable feeder.
Rotary Swager

Swaging Equipment

All of Computer Age Engineering’s swaging machines are based on our patented tooling and processes. Many years of engineering field trials and refinement allows us to give our customers trouble-free, highly accurate sizing capabilities.


Machine Tending Automation

Automatic loading and unloading of process machinery can increase productivity and quality while reducing costs and work-in-process inventory. CAE has vast experience with loading CNC machining equipment, assembly equipment, various types of presses, coating equipment and other machines utilizing robotics, pneumatic and hydraulic powered pick-and-place systems, cam-driven dials, and walking beams. Contact us for an engineered solution.

Inspection & Gauging Equipment

Ensure your product quality and process capability by utilizing inspection and gauging equipment provided by CAE. Vision inspection, laser gauging, optical sensing, touch gauging and sensing, and thread checking are all applications that we’ve performed to ensure product quality for our customers.

Material Handling Solutions

Material handling solutions can provide one of the largest opportunities for increased profits and quality control. Conveying, sorting, feeding systems, and packing systems should be considered for each area of your production facility. CAE has experience with all types of conveyors, pick and place units, robotics, and other material handling systems to achieve and exceed your goals.

Vibration Control Equipment

At Computer Age Engineering we have made the commitment to dedicate our efforts to the vibration control industry by specializing in finishing processes for bushings. This gives us an unmatched advantage! All our efforts are focused on innovative solutions that create profits for our customers. Computer Age Engineering is leading the way through innovation for the benefit of our customers.

Automated Assembly Equipment

Assembling parts automatically has been the cornerstone of our success. Let us evaluate your products and provide a proposal for an engineered solution. We have experience with assembly processes that include welding, thread fastening (screws, bolts, nuts), riveting, press assembly, o- ring, seal and rubber shape assembly, and plastic parts assembly. Our past assembly machine types have included fully automatic assembly machines that are unattended, dial indexer machines, robotic assembly, palletized conveyor systems, and IBM’s (individual build machines).
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