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Robotics Integration

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Robot Transfer


Robotic assembly will reduce costs and increase quality and output. Our vast experience with all types of assembly systems makes CAE a great choice for your automated assembly equipment.
Material Handling

Material Handling

A robot can palletize and package your products quickly without damage. A robot can feed product into and out of your equipment at a consistent pace to increase throughput and profits. Robots can now easily use a vision system to pick up random parts, making it possible to automate processes that have been impossible in the past.
Material Joining

Material Joining

Welding and gluing systems are easy opportunities to increase productivity and profits. Let Computer Age Engineering automate your material joining process and start making bigger profits now.
Material Removal

Material Removal

Robots can grind, cut, and polish your products. These processes are often dirty and dangerous. Automating these processes can increase your throughput and profits, and possibly reduce your liabilities.
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