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Swaging Equipment

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Smart Swager

The CAE Smart Swager™ has electronically-controlled sizing with closed loop adjustments. This is especially a big advantage if the equipment will be tooled to run several parts (quick change and setup).
Rotary Swager

Rotary Swager

CAE Designs and builds rotary swagers for a variety of applications. Our rotary swagers use a heavy duty rotary hammer and custom dies to shape/swage metal into your desired form. We incorporate automatic lubrication systems into all of our rotary swagers. This insures that the swage head and rotation mechanism stay lubricated for long lasting, trouble free operation.


Please contact us for more information on our line of Rotary Swaging Equipment


Adjustable Hard Stop Swager

This modular station uses our patented segments and has excellent accuracy to produce quality parts trouble free. This is an economical solution for a cell that produces the same part day in and day out. The final size is adjustable by loosening three screws, turning the outer ring and tightening the screws back up.

Gap Press Swager

Now you can have: Quick tooling changes, manually adjustable diameters, and extended tool life! These have been capabilities that were previously only dreamed about.

Swage Tooling

Our patented swage tooling offers quick change, long wear, easy adjustments and much more. This tooling is universal and can be used in any of CAE’s swaging machines.
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