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Vibration Control Equipment

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Modular Bushing Machines

Computer Age Engineering’s modular bushing finishing machines reduce labor costs, reduce floor space, reduce work in progress, and control your production flow like never before. Modularity allows you to employ proven workstations in a cell to accomplish just what you need or a single station that is used manually. Each station can be assembled to work together to process bushings without labor costs.

Dial-Based Bushing Equipment

CAE dial-based machines offer the advantage of very fast cycle times and high reliability. Standard footprints, working heights, and transfer envelopes make all of these stations interchangeable.

Easy-to-change tooling allows you to process any bushing from 1” in diameter and 1” in length to over 3” in diameter and nearly 4” in length.

Fluid (Hydro) Bushing & Mount Assembly Cells

CAE has extensive experience developing equipment and processes for the production of fluid filled bushings and mounts. Our various styles of equipment are in use now to produce suspension bushings, motor and transmission mounts, and body mounts.
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