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Automated Assembly Equipment

Assembling parts automatically has been the cornerstone of our success. Let us evaluate your products and provide a proposal for an engineered solution. We have experience with assembly processes that include welding, thread fastening (screws, bolts, nuts), riveting, press assembly, o-ring, seal and rubber shape assembly, and plastic parts assembly. Our previous assembly machine types have included fully automatic assembly machines that are unattended, dial indexer machines, robotic assembly, palletized conveyor systems, and IBM’s (individual build machines).

The examples of assembly systems listed below are a sample of our past experience and capabilities. We would like to become an extension of your management team. Let us find the opportunities to create new profits in reduced labor costs, increased throughput, lower energy consumption, reduced scrap costs, and new product launches. Call us today at 765-674-8551 and we’ll schedule a date for our team to meet at your facility.

Fully Automatic Assembly Equipment
Dump parts in a hopper and a complete assembly is packaged without human intervention. These systems may incorporate automatic feeders, screw drivers, presses, welding, gluing, packaging, palletizing and more.

Dial-Based (Indexer) Machines
An indexing dial is often the best solution for assembling components. When speed and certain processes are required, our evaluation may lead us to propose a dial assembly system.

Robotics Assembly Equipment
A robotic assembly cell gives you the flexibility for numerous products and future changes. An integrated vision system can give assembly robots more capability for jobs that are difficult to automate. Contact CAE about your assembly processes today.

IBMs (Individual Build Machines)
IBM’s (Individual Build Machines) are assembly machines that an operator loads, the assembly takes place, the machine is unloaded, and the cycle is repeated. CAE has built many of these machines over the years. If you need a low cost assembly system, contact CAE.

Process Examples
Below is a partial list of the assembly processes that CAE has integrated for our customers:
            • Pneumatic and Servo screw drivers
            • Press fit assembly
            • Staking and swaging assembly
            • Gluing
            • Riveting
            • Ultrasonic welding
            • Tig, mig, and spot welding
            • Contact us for additional information

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