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Gap Press Swager

Now you can have: Quick tooling changes, manually adjustable diameters, and extended tool life! These have been capabilities that were previously only dreamed about.

Now you can have: Fast cycle times, quick tooling changes, manually adjustable diameters, and safe reliable operation! These capabilities have never before come together in such a compact unit.

Features:  · Benefits:  · Specifications:

  • Bushing size adjustments via built-in buttress thread.
  • Patented tooling design has extended wear features.
  • Tooling is universal to all of the CAE swager designs.
  • Integrated lubrication system extends tool life.
  • Custom adapter plates for your press are included.

  • Faster Tool Changes
    In less than five minutes you'll change out the tooling (segments) and have the diameter tuned to the correct size.
  • Extreme Accuracy
    Proven repeatability of plus or minus .035 mm with a CPK of 1.67.
  • Lower Tooling Costs
    Our segments are a great value to start with, but when you consider that we have never had a set wear out, the cost really is attractive.
  • More Consistent Tool Changes
    The tooling design is a simple drop-in method. The segments are self-aligning. The size adjustment involves simply twisting the outer ring. There are even lines that show how much you are changing the final diameter.
  • Cleaner Running Tooling
    Our Open Bottom design allows the dirt and crud to squeeze out of the tooling without affecting the part diameter.
  • Increased Tool Life
    The CAE-patented segment design, along with the integrated lubrication system, has given our tooling the distinct advantage of never wearing out! We have even done the extensive research to find the best grease made for our tooling.

  • Cycle time: Approximately 10 seconds*
  • Minimum bushing size: 25 mm dia. x 25 mm tall; 1" dia. x 1“ tall
  • Maximum bushing size: 82.6 mm dia. x 95.3 mm tall; 3.25" dia. x 3.75" tall
  • Swage size repeatability: plus or minus .035 mm / .0014" **
  • Force capability: "your press rating"
  • Overall station size: 16" x 16" x 14"

    *This is an average estimate. Cycle times are dependent upon your gap press capabilities.

    **Size repeatability is dependent on the bushing geometry and materials.

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