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Smart Swager

The CAE Smart Swager™ has electronically-controlled sizing with closed loop adjustments. This is especially a big advantage if the equipment will be tooled to run several parts (quick change and setup).

Now you can have: Fast cycle times, quick tooling changes, and instantly adjustable diameters! These have been capabilities that were previously only dreamed about.

Features:  · Benefits:  · Specifications:

  • Bottom Up/Open Top design keeps moving parts out of reach, has better access and a smaller footprint.
  • Programmable size control with closed loop feedback when combined with laser OD gauge.
  • Servo-positioned hydraulic cylinder with accuracy of .001" positioning.
  • Short stroke (less than 1") to complete operation.
  • Patented tooling design has extended wear features.
  • Tooling is universal to all of the CAE swager designs.
  • Twist lock access plate allows easy access for tooling changes.
  • Integrated lubrication system extends tool life.

  • Instantaneous Tuning of Part Diameter
    Less scrap is created when the CAE-patented close loop tuning for bushing diameter keeps tool wear, temperature variances, and material variances in check. A manual adjustment in the part diameter is just a few keystrokes away.
  • Faster Cycle Times
    This station can operate at three to five seconds. Part geometry and other variables can affect the cycle time to consistently make great parts.
  • Faster Tool Changes
    The part specific tooling is accessed by a twist and lift cover. You'll just remove one set of segments (they are a single unit) and drop in another. These segments are self-aligning and the program will remember the last adjustment they were ran at, so you'll be making the next parts in less than two minutes!
  • Safer Operating Tool
    No pinch points are exposed to the operator. Our Bottom Up design eliminates most pinch points and keeps the rest out of reach.
  • Extreme Accuracy
    Proven repeatability of plus or minus .035 mm with a CPK of 1.67.
  • Automation Ready
    The Bottom Up design has another benefit! The top of the unit is open, so many options are available for automating the system to combine it with other processes.
  • Lower Labor Costs
    When you combine the faster cycle times with the easy access for loading or the use of automation, your labor costs will be less. This will put $$$ on your bottom line!
  • Less Floor Space
    The modular design that CAE uses for this station and most of our stations keeps the size in a 16" x 24“ footprint.
  • Lower Tooling Costs
    Our segments are a great value to start with, but when you consider that we have never had a set wear out, the cost really is attractive.
  • More Consistent Tool Changes
    The tooling design is a simple drop-in method. The segments are self-aligning. The size adjustment involves simply twisting the outer ring. There are even lines that show how much you are changing the final diameter.
  • Cleaner Running Tooling
    Our Open Bottom design allows the dirt and crud to squeeze out of the tooling without affecting the part diameter.
  • Increased Tool Life
    The CAE-patented segment design, along with the integrated lubrication system, has given our tooling the distinct advantage of never wearing out! We have even done the extensive research to find the best grease made for our tooling.

  • Cycle time: Approximately 5 seconds*
  • Minimum bushing size: 25 mm dia. x 25 mm tall; 1" dia. x 1" tall
  • Maximum bushing size: 82.6 mm dia. x 95.3 mm tall; 3.25" dia. x 3.75" tall
  • Swage size repeatability: plus or minus .035 mm / .0014" **
  • Force capability: 30 ton / 266 Kilo Newtons
  • Overall station size: 40.6 w. x 60.9 d. x 96.5 h. cm; 16" w. x 24" d. x 38" h.

    *Faster cycle times are achievable, but will affect size repeatability. Additional stations in a work cell with a swager may lower throughput cycle time.

    **Size repeatability is dependent on the bushing geometry and materials.

    The CAE Smart Swager is a trademark of Computer Age Engineering, Inc.

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