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Fluid (Hydro) Bushing & Mount Assembly Cells

CAE has extensive experience developing equipment and processes for the production of fluid filled bushings and mounts. Our various styles of equipment are in use now to produce suspension bushings, motor and transmission mounts, and body mounts.

Features:  · Benefits:  · Specifications:

  • Submerged assembly system with PLC controls that can be tooled for a multitude of parts.
  • Main tank – where the inner assembly is assembled into the outer metal.
  • Secondary tank – acts as a buffer and overflow to maintain the level of the main tank.
  • Tanks are made from 16-gauge stainless steel.
  • Both tanks utilize sensors to monitor tank levels.
  • Fluid is constantly circulated and filtered through the system using a diaphragm pump.
  • A thermocouple is mounted in the main tank to monitor and control fluid temperature.
  • The main tank filtering system has two filters that are plumbed in parallel to allow the operator to switch to a clean filter and keep running during maintenance.
  • A deaeration ring is used to remove air from any voids in the bottom and sides of the inner assembly as it is lowered into the main tank. A separate diaphragm pump and filtering system is used to pump fluid through the deaeration ring. A flow meter is used to verify that there is flow.
  • Quick-change tooling.
  • Pneumatic press head presses to a hard stop built into the tooling. The press head is also equipped with a pressure transducer and linear transducer for monitoring purposes.
  • System fill valve – automatically controlled on/off valve that fills the system from the bulk fluid supply.
  • All components are contained within a drip pan made from 11-gauge stainless steel.

  • Increased Profits
    Faster cycle times and higher quality control will provide increased profits.
  • Faster Tool Changes
    Part tooling requires no tools to change over.
  • Reduced Fluid Contamination
    Stainless steel tanks and continuous filtering system eliminate rust.
  • Reduced Down Time
    The dual (parallel) filtering system allows for longer runs without interruption.
  • Reduced Scrap
    The pressure transducer and linear position transducer on the press head ensures the inner assembly and outer metal have been properly assembled.
  • Improved Quality
    Deaeration ring eliminates unwanted trapped air, thus improving product quality.

  • Minimum Bushing Size: 25 mm dia / 25 mm tall
  • Maximum Bushing Size: 100 mm dia / 100 mm tall
  • Cycle Time: 5 seconds
  • Air Consumption: 2 cfm (11 scfm)
  • Main Tank Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Secondary Tank Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Drip Pan Capacity: 40 gallons
  • Fluid Temperature: Controls 70-120º F +/- 5º F
  • Optional Cooling Unit

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