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In the News

Step Feeders [PDF 32KB]Step Feeders Help Increase Manufacturing Productivity

Marion, IN April 11, 2007 - Computer Age Engineering is introducing its newly designed line of step feeders for industry, including an Industrial Step Feeder and a Tabletop Step Feeder. These step feeders include improvements made to the original design, which has over 15 years of factory floor experience. The industrial and tabletop step feeders orient cylindrical or spherical parts and automatically feed them from the hopper to the next step in the process. This frees up the operator to do other operations that don't easily lend themselves to automation, resulting in increased productivity.
For more information download pdf [pdf 32kb]

Robotic Pick Place [PDF 1,736KB]Manufacturer Finds Success with "Computer Age" Answers

(Tooling & Production Magazine, September 2006)

In today's manufacturing environment, the willingness to embrace leading cutting-edge technology is vital to sustaining profitability. Automation of specific manufacturing processes has made a significant impact on the growth and competitiveness of many companies in the industry. Improved automation techniques have led to increased productivity, better product quality, and significant scrap reduction. Simply put, automation enhances manufacturing processes.
For more information download pdf [pdf  1.7mb]

Michael A. BartromProfile of Success: Michael A. Bartrom

(Indiana Venture Center, August 2006)

Michael A. (Mike) Bartrom knows the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. This seasoned entrepreneur has started and grown four successful businesses in Marion, Indiana. "I love doing what I do," commented Bartrom. "Most of the time it feels more like a hobby than a job."
For more information download pdf [pdf  43kb]

Fluid Fill Bushing Assembly Press [PDF 17KB]Fluid Fill Bushing Assembly Press

Marion, IN, March 17, 2006 - Computer Age Engineering, Inc. has recently developed an advanced, compact fluid fill assembly station. This station can be utilized as a stand-alone machine, or incorporated into an automated cell.
For more information download pdf [pdf  17kb]


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