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Customers' needs are extensively evaluated to ensure that we provide solutions to produce the best possible benefits. Our evaluation procedure is very thorough. We consider customer goals, reliability, maintainability, operating costs, material flow, inventory costs, safety, ergonomics, capital costs, maintenance costs, training costs, and other factors. Often a team of CAE engineers will brainstorm to form the best solution that becomes a solution proposal.

Solution Proposal
After a thorough evaluation we will create a detailed solution proposal. Our historical database and spreadsheet-based estimating tools aid our experienced engineering and purchasing staff to put our solution into words. This document will communicate the deliverables and the associated costs and terms. We often hear, “your proposal is the most detailed I’ve ever seen.”

Project Management
A project manager is assigned to your project at our initial kick-off meeting. Your CAE project manager will guide your work past major milestones until run-off and implementation at your facility and beyond. Communications, orchestration, and problem solving are the major strengths of our project managers.

Commitment to On-Time Delivery
CAE understands the importance of timing. This is one of our ISO quality objectives. The ability to project our labor resources allows us to project your delivery date before you place an order. Our team understands that if a project timeline slips for any reason, extra efforts (overtime) will be required to meet our goal of on-time delivery.

Many of our standard procedures are centered around effective communications. Detailed written proposals, concept drawings, concept meetings and documents, design reviews, and timely project reports are just part of the standard communications you can expect from CAE.

At CAE, we are dedicated to a very simple principle. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure our customers make short- and long-term profits from their capital and tooling investments. Everything we do is based on the promise we make each day to exceed your expectations.

Long before CAE was ISO certified, we had developed procedures to ensure the quality of the equipment and machinery that we provide to our customers. In 2004 we began the process of continuous improvements within the ISO 9001 framework.

Below is the list of quality objectives:
          • 100% On-Time Delivery
          • Meet Customer Requirements 100%
          • Machines are Production-Ready Prior to Shipping
          • Customer requests are responded to by sales or management within 24 hours and, if needed, an engineering response within 24 hours

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